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Italian Food is Good for YOU!!!

Italian food is sometimes demonized as being full of fat and carbs and overall the reason behind weight gain. On the contrary, Italians are very healthy! A major reason for the quality of health of the Italians is due to the amount of time they spend walking or being active. Gyms are not a common sight in Italy. Most importantly - Italian food can be quite good for you.

Most people don't know this but the Italians love to cook with fresh local and seasonal ingredients, if it isn't grown or born within a few miles of where it is being prepared they don't typically use it. There is a very regional approach to cooking in Italy and the same dish will look drastically different in Puglia than in Venice. When you encounter Italians in the US they may argue over the way their Nana made lasagna claiming her way was the only way but it really depended on the region of Italy she was from!

Here in the US the Italian food we have become accustomed to has been adapted to include added cheese, jar sauce, preservatives and pre-made low quality pasta. The reality is, Italians love to cook from scratch and the use of fresh ingredients is key to this process. Not only that, but wine is a beverage that is enjoyed in conjunction with a meal, it is not often that you will see Italians enjoying a glass of wine without some food nearby.

Vegetables of all kinds find their way into Italian dishes with eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and squash being just a few. At DeSarno’s we want to stay in touch with our Italian roots by making food from scratch in the tradition of our ancestors. We are constantly trying new recipes intended to leave you satisfied and coming back for more. We cook more than just Italian though so make sure you try all of our dishes and give us some of your favorites too. We want to make sure you are happy with your meal around the table.


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