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Hi!  We are Kit Caron and Karen DiMezzo, 2 gals with a passion for cooking, food and empowering others to be free of the meal planning and preparation process.  Your family is busy enough!


Our goal at DeSarno's is to offer you a complete meal from start to finish.  We help you feed your entire family with the assurance that they are getting the highest quality ingredients providing the best flavor.  If there is anything special you would like us to offer, we would love to know since you are the most important part of our business! DeSarno's also offers catering for offices, parties and other functions and we are here to help you out with your holiday meal preparations.

Stop by here often for updates, monthly specials, and to see what yummy goodness we are stocking in our shop.  



We are DeSarno's - a team passionate about providing delicious, no stress meals to busy folks and families on the go.

Karen DiMezzo

What our customers are saying...

Brenna Bryant

“Kit makes delicious food to accommodate different size families and all at a fair price.  I highly recommend buying several dishes to have in your freezer for busy days, company, or hospitality meals for neighbors and friends.  Thank you for an amazing service!!!"'

Jeff Gaskill

“I am a picky eater and usually don't try new food.  However, my wife has been getting these meals from Kit and I have loved every one of them.  Flawless dinners - I am more than happy to try something new if Kit has prepared it.  Thank you so much!"

Jenny Lewis Stoner

“We had our first Kit meal last night and it was incredible!  Thanks Kit!"

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